April 16, 2011

Home Remedy For Teeth Whitening

Everyone wants to make your teeth clean and white. We have to work a little harder to argue that sparkle victory. There are some natural ways to whiten your teeth, or keep them from discoloring.

Brush your teeth twice a day, make it as practice. You want to avoid as much plaque as possible.

Make a habit to gaggle your mouth after each meal and snack times to prevent food particles from sticking to teeth.

Try to eat a better diet with more raw foods. Avoid drinking water with fluorine.

Smokers find it difficult to keep your teeth white than non-smokers so perhaps we will have to work harder at it. Try to reduce as much smoke as possible.

Teeth staining is caused by coffee and tea. Make sure you have sip or wash your mouth with water after you drink coffee or tea.

Strawberries are excellent whiteners’ for teeth. Rub a strawberry on your teeth and rinse after a few minutes. It will helps in whitening the teeth. Strawberries are effectively removes teeth stains and also natural teeth stain remover.

Take a lemon juice and add a little pinch of salt, stir it well. Use this mixture to brush your teeth. It will helps to whiten your teeth, by continuous practice.

Take an orange or lemon peel, Rub the teeth using the inner side of the peel and rinse it. Don’t use toothbrush. If you need more glow add little pinch of salt in the peel and rub it. Surely you will see a good result.

Take dried bay leaves and orange peels, grind together. Use this powder as your tooth powder. Daily usage of this powder will increase the teeth whitening and decrease the germs and other issues in your mouth.

Use wood ash as tooth powder, it contains potassium hydroxide. Wood ash is a best home remedy for teeth whitening.

Do you know lip colors can actually make your teeth look whiter? If you have grayish teeth, avoid red lipsticks with blue tones and rather than try to base our cooler brown. If you have a ton of off-white or yellow teeth, avoid deep shade, darkness and light, and super-shiny lip gloss.

To Prevent your teeth from harsh chemicals you can go with natural ways. Natural whitening is almost free if you follow this, you can get a winning smile, no tissue damage in the mouth and damage to the enamel on the teeth.


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