April 16, 2011

Home Remedy For Teeth Whitening

Everyone wants to make your teeth clean and white. We have to work a little harder to argue that sparkle victory. There are some natural ways to whiten your teeth, or keep them from discoloring.

Brush your teeth twice a day, make it as practice. You want to avoid as much plaque as possible.

Make a habit to gaggle your mouth after each meal and snack times to prevent food particles from sticking to teeth.

Try to eat a better diet with more raw foods. Avoid drinking water with fluorine.

Smokers find it difficult to keep your teeth white than non-smokers so perhaps we will have to work harder at it. Try to reduce as much smoke as possible.

Teeth staining is caused by coffee and tea. Make sure you have sip or wash your mouth with water after you drink coffee or tea.

Strawberries are excellent whiteners’ for teeth. Rub a strawberry on your teeth and rinse after a few minutes. It will helps in whitening the teeth. Strawberries are effectively removes teeth stains and also natural teeth stain remover.

Take a lemon juice and add a little pinch of salt, stir it well. Use this mixture to brush your teeth. It will helps to whiten your teeth, by continuous practice.

Take an orange or lemon peel, Rub the teeth using the inner side of the peel and rinse it. Don’t use toothbrush. If you need more glow add little pinch of salt in the peel and rub it. Surely you will see a good result.

Take dried bay leaves and orange peels, grind together. Use this powder as your tooth powder. Daily usage of this powder will increase the teeth whitening and decrease the germs and other issues in your mouth.

Use wood ash as tooth powder, it contains potassium hydroxide. Wood ash is a best home remedy for teeth whitening.

Do you know lip colors can actually make your teeth look whiter? If you have grayish teeth, avoid red lipsticks with blue tones and rather than try to base our cooler brown. If you have a ton of off-white or yellow teeth, avoid deep shade, darkness and light, and super-shiny lip gloss.

To Prevent your teeth from harsh chemicals you can go with natural ways. Natural whitening is almost free if you follow this, you can get a winning smile, no tissue damage in the mouth and damage to the enamel on the teeth.

April 15, 2011

Tips To Do Manicure At Home

Safe way to achieve polished fingernails without paying the higher prices to the beauty shop. Get the look yourself by filing your nails in a form that reflects the basis of the wrong nail. By using the some of the home tips to do manicure.

Remove old nail polish:

Before polishing, cleaning fingernails is necessary. Soak cotton ball in nail polish remover and swipe across the nail. This will remove excess oil or soap, but it can cause skin after a Polish applied.

Shape the Nail:

You can make short nails using nail cutter. Repeat the process on the other. You should cut your nails at least once a month, if they are healthy. Don't trim your unhealthy nails. Never trim nails quickly, otherwise your skin meets some damages.

Soften cuticles:

Dipping fingers in the small finger bowl filled with soapy water. A few drops of mild soap added to water in the finger bowl works well. Carefully dry your hands hold a small towel and put his hand on a towel. Dry hand while pushing back cuticles and nail on every skin. Be very gentle.

Remove cuticles:

You can use to remove cuticles to remove cuticles. How do nails grow, the cuticle stretches your skin, and the removed cuticle pushes back to promote the growth and health of the nail.

Apply nail polish:

Do not shake the bottle of nail polish, instead of rolling between palms. This mixture of Polish without causing air. Starting basically nail polish and application of upward movement helps you evenly coat your nail. Excess polish on the cuticle or nail can be easily removed with cotton. Expect at least ten minutes before applying a second layer. It should not be treated with nails another time unless the nail polishes to dry for the first time. Then apply a second layer.

Wipe nails:

Use a fast drying sealer that is clear color of nail polish dry faster. Be sure to keep the dryer at least 12 inches from the foot.

March 30, 2011

Tips To Reduce Skin Complexion

Skin is the largest organ in the human body, the organization of beauty. Some of the people fall in skin complexion. Here you can find some tips for skin complexion.

Having a balanced diet is good for your skin. Your food should rich in vitamin C, E that helps to grow new skin. Liver, eggs, milk and fatty fish, fortified cereals and margarine are good sources for your skin.

Drinking water that will moist your skin and hydrated with water and hold a lot. Water to keep the digestive system clean by preventing constipation. This will flush out toxins from the body, it is necessary to keep the skin shiny. Normally drink 8-10 cups of water. It also helps to get rid of dark circles around the eyes.

7-8 hours of sleep known as a sleeping beauty. So sleeping is as important as good nutrition. Proper sleep, reduces fine lines and wrinkles on the skin.

Treat most skin problems using sandalwood. Cooling agent, stimulant, and clean blood. It protects the sun rays, act anti-aging agent and keep skin smooth and aromatic. Sandalwood, rashes, spots, freckles and swelling, itching, excessive acne, rashes, skin eruptions effectively.

Take 1cup of gram flour, mix with milk and lime juice (4 drops). Apply the paste in your face and rinse it in few minutes. Follow this for one month you will get good result.

Take a equal quantity of honey and lime juice and stire it well. Apply the mix into your body, relax for 30 minutes and wash it.

Take a equal mixture of almond powder and sandal powder, mix the powder with milk. Apply the mix in the darken area of your skin regularly. Surely you will find some color change in your skin.

Mix cucumber juice and honey at equal amount, Apply the mix all over body and relax for few minutes. Then waste it. It will be helpful to improve fairness.

Take a tomato juice, mix it with yogurt and oatmeal and stir it well. Apply the paste in your face. After few minutes rinse it with cold water.

All the above tips are healthy one for your skin complexion and for your health also Try it and let me know your feed-back after trying it.

March 24, 2011

Diet Tips For Weight Loss

When a person has decided to stick to a healthy diet chart on a daily basis is a primary goal, do not worry unnecessarily about their progress in terms of weight loss. This will allow a person to lose weight at a steady pace with the increased likelihood of sticking to your diet plan. Finding a healthy diet for life, you will feel so good and so I'm excited not be tempted to go back to old habits . With the right diet plan for you will not feel hungry.

It is best to follow a diet chart, for it will help you keep in your diet. To balance the diet chart, it is important to take into account their level of physical activity, as a person on a daily basis, will have a greater need for calories in relation to a person wearing a sedentary lifestyle.

By losing your calories you will lose weight look better, feel better and live healthier lives. These tips are starting point of your diet. Take control of your diet. Never skip meals, especially breakfast, and eat healthy snacks between meals. Eating slowly gives our bodies time to tell us that they are full before you eat more than they should. Eat more fruits, vegetables, foods high in fiber and whole grains. Eat healthy foods to maintain good health. People who exercise regularly not only lose weight faster, you can keep your body in shape.

The main cause of the disease, which is usually caused by bad habits. Healthy nutritious diet can rectify the causes of disease and restore the whole body. So, to make the best eating plan for weight loss.

September 29, 2010



Astigmatism is common and easily treated imperfections in the eye. Occurs when the front surface of the eye (cornea). Astigmatism can accompany myopia or hyperopia. As a rule, leads to irregular shaped cornea.

Astigmatism in optical system, where the air that propagate perpendicular to the two planes have different centers. If the optical system of astigmatism is used for imaging the cross, vertical and horizontal lines will focus on two different distances.

Types of astigmatism:

* The third class deviation, which occurs in subjects from the optical axis. This type of deviation occurs even when the optical system is perfectly symmetrical. This type of deviation may be known as «monochromatic deviation", because even there the light wavelength.

* Other types of astigmatism occurs when the optical system symmetrical about the optical axis. This may be due to manufacturing defects on the surface of the components or misalignment components. In this case, astigmatism is observed even the rays of a point on the shaft. This form of astigmatism is extremely important, science and vision, Eye Care, as the human eye often presented this aberration. The reason is a violation shaped cornea and lens.

Astigmatism symptoms:

It is important to examine your eyes regularly to identify early astigmatism.
* A little blurred vision.
* Uncorrected astigmatism can give you a headache, or eyes.
* Distortion or blurred vision in all distances.
* Your eyes may feel tired or dry.

Causes of astigmatism:

* Regular astigmatism, the meridian, which are two different curves lie at 90 degrees. It is very easy to correct.
* In irregular astigmatism, the two meridians may be located in more than 90 degrees. It can be difficult to correct, depending on the seriousness of the irregularity.


There are three methods to correct for astigmatism.

1) Astigmatism can be corrected with the use of properly placed on the glasses or contact lenses.

Prescription of three parts looks like this: -2.75 -1.25 90
* The first part indicates the main spherical correction, or the amount of power (in diopters) required the lens to improve their visual acuity to an acceptable level, usually 20/20.
* The second part shows the astigmatism in diopters. Again, the minus sign means a concave lens is required.
* Part three axes (IN category) by the piston for a bend light rays, which are spherical shape of the cornea.

2) astigmatism can be corrected procedure called refractive surgery to reshape the cornea. operations are
* Laser Eye Surgery
* Photo refractive Keratectomi (PRK)
* Using laser subepithelial keratomileusis (Lasek)

3) Last, but not less than the laser treatment. You should consult your doctor all the previous design.

September 26, 2010

How To Maintain Perfect Health

Sweetest dream in our life is to maintain perfect health. There is intelligence in the maintenance of perfect health. Every organ in your physical body is governed mind.The mind has the right to make any changes in our body, through natural law. Establish themselves in close connection with such intelligence in your body, you can easily direct as you might wish to train yourself to think about the body, every power, every nerve, every cell in your body.

There are certain principles in order to maintain an ideal body.

1. Develop practice healthy eating greens, vegetables, fruits and other food and nutrition.
2. Do not eat too much food and oil in baked goods, which leads to overweight.
3. Drink 8.12 cups of water to health problems that reduce constipation.
4. Check your body and regular practice of doctors' advice on how to maintain good health.
5. Drink fresh juices instead of coffee and tea, it will allow more Verve in your body.
6. Do not skip meals.
7. Take a deep sleep for 5-6 hours to avoid the stress of the mind.
8. Exercise regularly, if necessary consultants.

9. Keep a positive attitude.
10. Learn the spiritual health and wealth, such as yoga, meditation, etc.

Achieving and maintaining health-going process that must be compliance with the rules mentioned above. If you follow a diet chart according to your body, you can feel better and healthier than before.
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